What are Houses Like in Libya?

Are you moving to Libya soon? If you’ve never been here and had the chance to look around at housing options you are probably curious as to what housing is like. What options are available for you to rent? We’ll try to give you a brief overview here of the different kinds of rentals that you have to choose from here in Tripoli.


Like any large city in the world, Tripoli has an abundance of apartments. These can range from 2 or 3 story buildings up to those with 9 or 10 stories. Typically they are single level units, although there are a few properties we’ve had listed that have 2 level apartments. In some areas such as Ben Ashour and Nofleen, we have apartments available that are connected to or part of a villa. It really comes down to semantics as you may hear these called “villas” or “apartments”.


The term we use here when you think of a typical house is “villa”. Villas come in all sizes and configurations. If you live out in Serraj or Janzour, you can find villas with multiple levels, huge yards with beautiful landscaping, and even swimming pools. They will often have a small one or two room building separate from the main villa, but near the entrance that is commonly used for a security man or house helper. In the other areas of Tripoli, villas may not have such large yards, but they will still be enclosed by a wall or fence. Many have covered garages and additional areas inside the property for additional parking.

Traditional Houses (Hoshes)

A lower cost option is to rent a traditional style of house, often referred to as a “Hosh”. These are older styled houses that are usually not stand alone. They typically have a center area with three or four rooms. Many have outside courtyards with the kitchen being located in a separate room off of the courtyard. They may not have as many windows as a modern villa, but you will find that they are much cooler in the heat of Libyan summers.

Gated Communities

At the other end of price spectrum are the gated communities. These range from larger communities such as Palm City to smaller compounds with ten to fifteen villas. They tend to have their own cafes, shops and supermarkets in the larger ones. Even the smaller gated communities will have shared swimming pools and outdoor space for BBQs and relaxing with your family and neighbors.

Whatever your preference is for your next house, it is likely available. Check out our property listings to see what we have available. Also feel free to contact us as we have additional properties not listed on the website.

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