Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Renting in Libya

Over the years we’ve seen numerous clients make the move to Libya and rent houses here in Tripoli. While many come prepared and well informed as to what it takes to rent a house in Libya, others do not and tend to make the same mistakes. The following are the top three mistakes that people make when renting.


Oftentimes clients will come to see properties and are quite limited in the amount of time that they allow to find the right rental. Since they are in a rush they cannot and do not see a very wide choice of available rentals. As a result they settle on a property that may in fact be a suitable property for them. However, after making the move they realize that there were better properties available that would have been more suitable for their family and/or business.

At Almanazil, our goal is allow our clients to see a good range of available rental properties so that they can make the most informed decisions. Our staff is ready to listen to what you are seeking and will strive to explain to you and show you a wide spectrum of the market here in Tripoli.


Another temptation is to choose a rental based solely on the house and not factor in where it is located. When clients see a spectacular villa or apartment at an amazingly good price it is hard to pass it up. However, if the rental is located either in a poor area of town or is far from your work you may just regret choosing the house over the location. It may be worth paying a little more in rent or giving up some things that you desired in the house in order to shorten your daily commute to the office or in order to be closer to shops and restaurants.


Anytime a person makes a move to a new city, let alone to a new country, they come with certain expectations. There are expectations as to what a house should or should not include. For example, should the house have central heating and air conditioning like they do back in your home country? What about closet spaces? There are also expectations in terms of prices and how much rents should be for certain areas.

For this reason, we advise you to write to us if you have questions before you even come to Libya. We are ready to assist you in any way that we can. It is better to call and write before making a visit to see properties so that you will be best prepared and informed to make the most informed decision as to the house you will rent in Libya.

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