How do real estate agents work?

Probably the most efficient way to find a house or an office is to us a local estate agent. If you are new to the region, it is wise to understand how these local real estate agents work.

Set an appointment

Most of the real estate agents have their own private offices, however, it may be hard to catch them when they are there. Because their business requires them to be out dealing with properties, many agents just post their cell phone number on the door. The best way to make sure that you can start seeing houses, is to call each agent and make an appointment.

The initial appointment may just be a “find out what you are looking for” appointment. Therefore, it is wise to come prepared with your ideas broken down into NEEDS and DESIRES. Remember, not all of the agents speak English, so you will want to find some how to communicate with them. If you call +218 (0)954037775, our team does speak English.

Understanding commissions

Remember that real estate agents do not work for free. The way that they make their money is based on the actually signing a deal. As the person renting the house, you will be required to pay the agent the value of one month rent. Make sure you discuss with your agent the fee structure before you head out looking for properties. For 3 things to remember when using a local agent, check out this article.

Signing the contract

The real estate agent will most likely ride along with you as you set off to sign the contract. Some agents have their own lawyers in house, while others will take you to someone they know. You might want to ask about contracts before you start the whole process. If you find the right agent, they hopefully help watch out for you doing the signing process. We recommend getting a friend to go along who can read over the contract in Arabic.

Compare Listings

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