Electricity and Water – The truth about utilities

As you prepare to rent your house in Libya, you might be wondering about how utilities are handled in Libya. Here are a few things that you might find helpful regarding utilities in Libya.

Are utilities included or not included?

As in most countries around the world, this really depends on what you negotiate in the contract. Most of the apartments and villas will require you to pay for the utilities. There are a few properties around the city that offer all inclusive in their rental price. When you are discussing the rental price, make sure that you ask the home owner if the utilities are included.

Electricity – A few tips

Here are a few tips that will help save you some headaches while renting in Libya.

1. Make sure that you know which electricity meter belongs to your apartment or house.
2. Take a picture of the meter to record the actual usage amount at the time of entry.
3. Make sure that the electricity has been completely paid up to your time of entry.
4. Ask to see if your electricity meter is being shared by anyone else.

Paying Electricity

During the time of the revolution, no one in Libya paid any electricity bills. As of 2013, electricity bills have started to arrive. Depending on who you talk to, some will say that there is no need to pay the bills while others will insist on it. We started paying our electricity bills during 2013…so we know that it is possible and expected by the government.

You will need to ask in your neighborhood where the local electricity department can be found. Once you have located the office, take your bill in for payment. They will give you an official receipt for proof of payment. We would recommend that you keep your receipts for when you leave the apartment.

Water – A gift

At the current time, water is free in Libya, however, we heard that the government does take a tax out of salaries which helps to cover this cost.

If you have questions concerning utilities or any other real estate issues, please contact us at Al Manazil

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