Best Place to Locate Your Business in Tripoli

As the old adage says, when it comes to real estate the key is “Location, Location, Location!” This also holds true when you are trying to figure out where to rent or buy an office for your business in Tripoli. If you are making the necessary investment and risks involved in starting a new business or moving your business to Libya, you want to make sure that you do your research in order to make the wisest choice for your location.

There are basically 3 things you will want to consider when choosing a location for your business in Tripoli. These are security, accessibility and how high of a profile you want.


While we trust that the situation in Libya will continue to improve as the government is strengthened and new laws and institutions are put in place, we recognize that as things stand today, security is a major issue for those looking to do business here in Tripoli. You are best to choose a location that is in a good area of town and isn’t too isolated. Many properties are available that already have security features such as alarm systems, security walls and entrances, guard houses etc… If you are located in an area such as the Gergaresh, Serraj or even Ben Ashour neighborhoods, you may also have well secured neighbors such as embassies or ambassador residences that add to the security level of these locations.


Once you have your business established here, you want your location to be easily accessible. You want it to be easy for your clients to find. Choosing an area such as Serraj, Gergaresh, Ben Ashour, or Nofleen will make it easy to find. Saying this however, as long as you market well, there are many other options for location in Tripoli that are easy to find.

Another aspect of accessibility is how difficult is it to get to your business. By this, I mean is there a lot of traffic in the area? Also, once your clients find you, can they find a place to park? There are many businesses here that have great products and are easy to find, yet I find myself rarely going there because it takes so long to get there due to traffic and once I’m there I can’t find a place to park! It may be worth the extra cost to locate your business in a building that also includes parking. Also take into consideration the amount of traffic and whether that will be a benefit or a detriment to your company.

How High of a Profile You Want:

The best place to rent or buy an office is also dependent on the level of profile you are seeking for your business. Do you want to be located on a main street like Gergaresh, Jaraba, or February 17th? Does your business require a higher profile so that you get the walk-in clients who see your business off the street? Or is your business one that could be a lower profile, perhaps located off of the main street where you can have better parking, security and less traffic? This decision really depends on the nature of your business, yet is an important one that you will want to be sure to consider.

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