3 Biggest Mistakes that Sellers Make

Those who fail to sell their properties or who take extra long to finally sell their properties tend to make three similar mistakes. In order to avoid this and sell your property faster, consider these three areas and be better prepared.

Wrong Pricing

Ultimately a buyer’s decision typically comes down to a financial one. Is the price realistic? Am I overpaying if I pay the asking price? Is it too high to even begin trying to negotiate down? Set your price fairly if you really want to sell. Check around at comparable properties in your area to see what their asking prices are so that you can better set your price to be competitive. Finally, be realistic in your price. While you may think your house is the best on the market and should get the highest price, try to think how the potential buyer thinks and sees your house in comparison to similar listings in your town.

What condition is your property in?

A second mistake is not taking into consideration the condition of your property before listing it for sale. You may feel that the buyer will want to do some of the repairs to make the property finished the way they want. However, when there are numerous repairs needed in a property it can turn away buyers who simply don’t want to deal with all the necessary work. It is also true that if you do cheap, low quality repairs the buyer may notice the cheap fix and be turned off by it.

Are you marketing it properly?

Finally, sellers often make the mistake of not marketing their property well. If they are trying to sell it on their own, they simply put a “For Sale” sign in the window or yard and expect it to sell. A wiser approach is to list the property with a reputable real estate agency. Our agency, Almanazil, for example, strives to market our client’s properties to the most potential buyers possible. We do this through internet advertising, printed media as well as our own dedicated satellite channel. You want to get your property out there to the largest possible number of potential buyers so choosing the right agency with the right marketing strategy is a crucial decision.

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