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Can a Foreigner Buy Property in Libya?

If you are wondering if you are allowed to purchase a property in Libya, the answer is most likely NO! From our research, there is only one nationality that is allowed to buy properties in Libya – the Maltese.

Maltese May Own Property

According to law, any Maltese national may purchase land in Libya. We believe that this is only available because of reciprocal laws that Libya has with Malta.

The Law May Change – But Right Now is NO

For any other nationalities, you are currently unable to buy properties in Libya. Be careful when someone offers to sell you their property with someone else’s name on it. In a court of law, this type of contract will most likely turn against you.

There is hope that in the future, foreigners may own land in Libya, however, there are no new laws on the horizon.

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How do real estate agents work?

Probably the most efficient way to find a house or an office is to us a local estate agent. If you are new to the region, it is wise to understand how these local real estate agents work.

Set an appointment

Most of the real estate agents have their own private offices, however, it may be hard to catch them when they are there. Because their business requires them to be out dealing with properties, many agents just post their cell phone number on the door. The best way to make sure that you can start seeing houses, is to call each agent and make an appointment.

The initial appointment may just be a “find out what you are looking for” appointment. Therefore, it is wise to come prepared with your ideas broken down into NEEDS and DESIRES. Remember, not all of the agents speak English, so you will want to find some how to communicate with them. If you call +218 (0)954037775, our team does speak English. [Read more…]

3 Things to Remember When Using a Local Agent

As you already know, using a local real estate agent is one of the most effective ways of finding a property in Libya. Local agents have connections into the community that you will never be able to find. Local agents are fairly easy to locate, but you will want to make sure that you remember a couple key things when using them.

3 Things to Remember

Discuss the service fees upfront

Before you even head out looking at the first property, you will want to discuss the fee structure for the services being provided. by talking ahead of time, you will save yourself any surprises when you decide to complete the deal. Make sure that you ask about:

  • Commission – How much, who will pay it, and when will it be paid
  • Lawyer Fees – How much does it cost to sign a contract and who pays
  • Taxes / Hidden Fees – Ask if there are any taxes or other hidden fees.
  • [Read more…]

    How to find a rental property in Libya?

    As you begin the process of looking for the ideal rental property in Libya, you need to consider your options. There are really 4 ways to find the best property.

    Local Real Estate Agent

    Libya has a wide variety of real estate offices. From the established real estate companies to the tiny, road-side offices, you can have your choice of which agent to use. We would advise that you find a reputable agent to work with, who can help you locate the perfect property. Make sure you understand the agents fees and conditions before looking for properties.

    Your Local Friends

    Another great way to find a rental property is through your connection of local friends. If you have time, you can put the word out to your friends to see if they know anyone looking to rent. Many times, you will find some excellent treasures that the agents are not aware of. [Read more…]