What are Houses Like in Libya?

Are you moving to Libya soon? If you’ve never been here and had the chance to look around at housing options you are probably curious as to what housing is like. What options are available for you to rent? We’ll try to give you a brief overview here of the different kinds of rentals that you have to choose from here in Tripoli.


Like any large city in the world, Tripoli has an abundance of apartments. These can range from 2 or 3 story buildings up to those with 9 or 10 stories. Typically they are single level units, although there are a few properties we’ve had listed that have 2 level apartments. In some areas such as Ben Ashour and Nofleen, we have apartments available that are connected to or part of a villa. It really comes down to semantics as you may hear these called “villas” or “apartments”.


The term we use here when you think of a typical house is “villa”. Villas come in all sizes and configurations. If you live out in Serraj or Janzour, you can find villas with multiple levels, huge yards with beautiful landscaping, and even swimming pools. [Read more…]

2 Best Times to Rent in Tripoli, Libya

Are you looking to rent an apartment or house in Tripoli, Libya? Tripoli has an abundance of houses and apartments available for rent. The variations depend on things such as area of town, size of the property, as well as the condition or age of the house or apartment. However, one item that is often overlooked when seeking to get the best rental out there is the timing! The following are the two best times to get out and look for your next rental.


Before schools and universities begin their school year, many landlords are often looking for good renters. Teachers and professors who come from out of town or even outside of Libya to work and teach here are attractive renters. It is also when other expats choose to come to work in Libya because they want to get their children settled into their new house and schools at the beginning of the school term. For these reasons, landlords may be willing to offer lower rents to attract the best renters. Be sure to check around the areas of the schools and universities for the best rents during this time. It’s also an added convenience to be close to your children’s school to cut down on the commuting time it takes to get them to and from school each day!


Probably the best time to look for a rental here in Tripoli is at the end of the month. [Read more…]

Living in Tripoli WITH Your Family

The majority of expats who come to work in Libya seem to come without their families. Oftentimes, they get contracts that allow them to work for an extended time here in Libya and then they are given extended times off when they travel back home to be with their families. While this may work for some, most find it hard to be away from their spouse and children for these extended periods of time. We understand that there are security concerns that are behind some of these decisions. However, we have many friends and clients who have decided to move to Tripoli to work and live with their families.


A drive along the coastal road (Trek Shut) will lead you to a number of great parks to enjoy with your family. One of our favorites is the Abu Sitta Horsetrack (Fursia), located just past the LTT building as you are heading east from downtown along the coast. Here you will find well maintained and secure playgrounds, exercise stations as well as a few different track options. The tracks are great for walking, running, or even roller blading with your children!

Other parks along the coastal road have an abundance of play items. You will find blow up bouncy houses, carnival type rides for the smaller children as well as beautiful fountains and paddle boat rentals. Most also now have cafes with seating areas where the parents can sit and chat while watching the kids play on the rides! [Read more…]

3 Biggest Mistakes that Sellers Make

Those who fail to sell their properties or who take extra long to finally sell their properties tend to make three similar mistakes. In order to avoid this and sell your property faster, consider these three areas and be better prepared.

Wrong Pricing

Ultimately a buyer’s decision typically comes down to a financial one. Is the price realistic? Am I overpaying if I pay the asking price? Is it too high to even begin trying to negotiate down? Set your price fairly if you really want to sell. Check around at comparable properties in your area to see what their asking prices are so that you can better set your price to be competitive. Finally, be realistic in your price. While you may think your house is the best on the market and should get the highest price, try to think how the potential buyer thinks and sees your house in comparison to similar listings in your town.

What condition is your property in?

A second mistake is not taking into consideration the condition of your property before listing it for sale. [Read more…]

3 Tips to Rent out Your Property Faster

Are you trying to rent out your apartment or villa? There is still a shortage of available housing here in Tripoli. Rentals are not easy to find, which is a good thing for those with properties to rent out! In order to more quickly rent out your property, follow these 3 tips.

Ensure that the Property is Clean and Well Maintained

Potential renters will often make their decision to rent or not based on their first impression of your property. Make sure that their impression is a positive one. The key to this is ensuring that the house/apartment, garden area, pool and even the areas outside of the gates by the street are all clean and neat. Be sure to pick up dead insects. Trim the trees and bushes around the house. Pick up garbage that may be in the street in front of the property. Finally, fix loose or hanging cupboard doors, broken windows and shutters.

List with a Reputable Agency

Another key to renting out your property faster is the real estate agency that you use. Check out the reputation of the agencies that you are considering. Look for agencies that excel at advertising and that have a good name in the community. These are the agencies that likely have a better stream of clients who are coming to them to find properties to rent. [Read more…]

Moving to Libya with a Family – 3 Things to Remember

As you begin to think about moving to Libya, you need to consider a few very important things. After communicating with a number of families that have recently moved to Libya, you should think about…

The best neighborhood for your family

Choosing a location for your family is not an easy task. We recently wrote a post on the Best 3 Neighborhoods in Tripoli; you may want to check that out. You will want to make sure you find a place that had easy access to supermarkets, schools, and green-space (especially for the kids).

We would recommend that you make a list of the key “needs” for your family before you start looking at different properties.

Where are the schools located?

As you looking to settle in Tripoli, you will want to make sure that you find a suitable school option for your children. There are a number of different types of schools around the city, so make sure that you do your research before coming. [Read more…]

5 Points to Discuss with the Landlord

One of your key contacts, once you’ve made the move to Libya could possibly be your landlord. For this reason, you will want a good relationship with him. He may be one who can keep you informed of any security issues and help you get settled into life in Libya. For this reason you want to begin the relationship right by discussing these five points from the beginning.

Who Pays for Utilities

Even though utilities are fairly cheap here in Libya at the moment, you will want to find out who is responsible for paying them. Whose name is on the utility contract? If there are issues with the water or electric, can you go to the utility company or does the landlord whose name is on the contract have to be the one to request repairs?

How much rent up front?

Naturally the rental price will be an item of discussion. However, it is also wise to find out how much of that rent the landlord expects to be paid at the time that the contract is signed. Often we find that landlords want the whole year’s rent to be paid up front. This can be negotiated however, so be sure to include this on your list of things to go over when meeting potential landlords. [Read more…]

Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Renting in Libya

Over the years we’ve seen numerous clients make the move to Libya and rent houses here in Tripoli. While many come prepared and well informed as to what it takes to rent a house in Libya, others do not and tend to make the same mistakes. The following are the top three mistakes that people make when renting.


Oftentimes clients will come to see properties and are quite limited in the amount of time that they allow to find the right rental. Since they are in a rush they cannot and do not see a very wide choice of available rentals. As a result they settle on a property that may in fact be a suitable property for them. However, after making the move they realize that there were better properties available that would have been more suitable for their family and/or business.

At Almanazil, our goal is allow our clients to see a good range of available rental properties so that they can make the most informed decisions. Our staff is ready to listen to what you are seeking and will strive to explain to you and show you a wide spectrum of the market here in Tripoli. [Read more…]

Electricity and Water – The truth about utilities

As you prepare to rent your house in Libya, you might be wondering about how utilities are handled in Libya. Here are a few things that you might find helpful regarding utilities in Libya.

Are utilities included or not included?

As in most countries around the world, this really depends on what you negotiate in the contract. Most of the apartments and villas will require you to pay for the utilities. There are a few properties around the city that offer all inclusive in their rental price. When you are discussing the rental price, make sure that you ask the home owner if the utilities are included.

Electricity – A few tips

Here are a few tips that will help save you some headaches while renting in Libya.

1. Make sure that you know which electricity meter belongs to your apartment or house.
2. Take a picture of the meter to record the actual usage amount at the time of entry.
3. Make sure that the electricity has been completely paid up to your time of entry.
4. Ask to see if your electricity meter is being shared by anyone else. [Read more…]

Is Libya a Safe Place to Live and Work?

While many are seeing great opportunities to live and work in Libya now that it has opened up to the world, the lingering question still remains whether or not it is a safe place to live and work. We hope to answer this question by comparing what is seen in the mainstream media with what we experience in our daily lives as we live and do business here in Tripoli.

What You See on TV, Internet, Newspapers, etc…

If we were to answer this question based solely on what is reported on the main TV news networks or on news internet sites, the answer would most likely be NO. However, we have to understand that journalists and internet writers want to sell their stories. They want people to watch their news channels, read their news articles and go to their websites. For this reason, they tend to exaggerate and focus only on the negative events. For example, with the recent events with the militias in Tripoli, journalists would have the general public think that all of Tripoli is full of militias fighting and firing into the crowds. The fact is that it was a small area where this occurred and while it was a horrific event, other areas of town saw and heard nothing.

Unfortunately the major news networks do not cover the positive aspects of what is happening in Libya. They do not tend to mention all of the new businesses that are entering the Libyan markets. Nor do they focus on the rebuilding efforts of many businesses and government projects or the restarting or work on many building projects that were forced to stop work during the revolution. [Read more…]